Fish Catching Game


Fish Catching Game Toy Specifications –

  1. DOUBLE FISH TRAY: This fishing toy with two rotating fish pond. You just need to install the battery, put the fish in the corresponding position, and turn on the switch to let your cute children hold the toy fishing rod. When the fish mouth opens, but the fishing rod into the fish mouth and catch them. It is very suitable for children to play in.
  2. EXERCISE CHILDREN’S SKILLS: This fishing disc will rotate 360 degrees, the fish will jump up and down happily, children need to concentrate on catching fish, in the process of children’s games, not only can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination ability, but also exercise the child’s patience and accompanying the child to have a fun time to play.
  3. MATERIAL SAFETY: This fishing toy is made of safe and high-quality plastic. The whole fishing plate has no sharp edges. It has no effect on children. You can rest assured that children can play. We recommend this fishing toy. Children play or let parents play with them. Suitable for Multiple Player Games: Our fishing toy is equipped with four fishing rods for 1-4 people. Children can play with each other and increase their friendly relationship.
  4. It will promote the intimate relationship between you and your child, and you can also exercise your child’s hands-on ability.; Detailed packaging: this fishing toy has a fishing plate, four fishing rods, and 26 fish. It is very convenient to carry. At the same time, the fishing disk needs to install 3 1.5v batteries (note: Batteries not includes)

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This is a fun game for kids to play with. This Fish Catching Game includes a motorized double-layer game board, 4 fishing poles, and 26 fish. One has to catch most fishes while the fish pond rotates and the moth of the fishes keeps on closing. The best thing about the game is its catchy music and flashing LED lights which make this game more exciting for kids.

  This Fish Catching Game also helps younger children in developing hand-eye coordination and it is made up of high-quality, safe, and non-toxic materials. 


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